Three Questions to Ask Before Creating A Presentation

Every year millions of presentations are given. In many cases, these presentations are the determining factor in the success of a company’s endeavors. Despite the significance of presentation decks, many are quickly thrown together, with little thought given to the audience, purpose, or delivery of the presentation. 

When brainstorming and creating a presentation, it is crucial to understand what the focus of the content should be. You can form a solid foundation for your content and presentation by asking these three key questions. 

Who is the audience?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Who is the audience?” By asking this question, you can begin to visualize the audience and understand who you will be presenting your content to. To get a better idea of who the audience is, try asking some follow-up questions.

      • Is it a group of investors, employees, or your company’s leadership? 
      • Is it a small group of people or a large audience? 
      • Is it a virtual or in-person audience?

After answering these questions, you will have an idea of your target audience and what their needs and expectations are. With this information, you are ready to create a presentation tailored to your audience.

What is the purpose of the presentation?

Now that the target audience has been determined, the next step is to ask, “What is the purpose of the presentation?” Some presenters will jump right into building a presentation without understanding the goal or purpose of their material. However, without understanding the goal of a presentation, it is challenging to present impactful content. To determine the purpose of your presentation, consider these questions. 

      • Is the goal to inform, persuade, or entertain? 
      • How should the presentation affect the audience’s thoughts, feelings, and actions? 
      • What takeaway or call to action is most important for the audience?

Understanding the purpose of your presentation will help you customize content for your audience that is impactful and effective.


How do I present my content in a way that connects with the audience?

The final question to ask when crafting a presentation is, “How do I present my content in a way that connects with the audience?” There are so many ways to present content. For some, slides are the most impactful, while video clips and voiceovers are best for others. The delivery of the content is influenced by many things, such as the audience’s characteristics and the purpose of the presentation. During this step, it’s time to consider some specific details and answer these questions. 

      • Will the presentation include visuals? 
      • What type of visuals will be used? 
      • How will the visuals portray the content and call to action?

For many presenters, slides work as the perfect visual to accompany the content. Well-designed slides allow the presenter to deliver an impactful, compelling presentation that effectively conveys the message. 

If you’re struggling with this step of the process, I can help! As a PowerPoint freelance designer, I’m ready to help you craft slides that connect with your audience in an effective and influential way. If you’re ready to get started on creating visuals that impact and connect with your audience, contact me!

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